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A natural parallel to open scientific practices is open source software. COS is a Python-based, open source development shop. You can join our mission to bring the core philosophy of open source development to science.

1. Support Open Science with Open Source Tools

The Open Science Framework (OSF), the flagship COS platform, is a web application that supports research workflow. The OSF supports: archiving and preservation of research materials and data, version control for scientific materials, registering projects (tagging a version at a particularly important point in the workflow), forking scientific materials and other incentives for sharing and open practice, and integration or linking of services through APIs.

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2. Contribute to an Open Source Project

Developers can contribute to maturing projects like OSF, or to new projects such as: SciNet, a tool for extracting citation meta-data from HTML articles viewed in the browser; Pydocx, a parser that provides roundtrip conversion of .docx files to other formats such as LaTeX; SciParse, tools for parsing references from HTML snippets, and from JSON data structures generated by the Citelet; or HGrid, a web-based file management system integrating DropzoneJS and SlickGridJS.

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3. Work with Our API

We have an open API that can be used to extend OSF capabilities into other custom software development projects. 

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4. Join Our Team

Developers. We love open source, science, databases, web/API development, content management systems, and Python. You should too. If so, please submit a resume and cover letter via our jobs page. Questions about the position and COS are welcome and can be sent to

Developer internships. Same as above but in summer or part-time internship form; students will work with our developers and carve out their own open science project. Please submit a resume and cover letter via our jobs page. Questions about the position and COS are welcome and can be sent to

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